The Wilderness Whitetails Experience


Wilderness Whitetails is proud to offer trophy whitetail hunting on its managed properties located in central Wisconsin. Home of the current pending whitetail, we put our hunters on more record book class deer than any place in the world.


Legendary Bucks

How many times have your heard the phrase...”the stuff legends are made of? Wilderness Whitetails has a number of legends. We don’t know just how many but they are legends just the same. We call them our Legendary Bucks.



Our hunting properties is comprised of 3 different areas making up ~1000 acres of managed, fair chase opportunities for our clients. We have 2 separate lodges and can accommodate large corporate groups, or small private groups. 



Wilderness Whitetails showcases 14 years of trophy and legendary bucks as well as our property and lodging quarters.  Browse our collection and get familiar with the Wilderness Whitetails experience!



"World Record Whiteail bucks at Wilderness Whitetails"

   Wilderness Whitetails has rightly earned its reputation as “America’s Premier Whitetail Outfitter.”  Recognized as the most consistent producer of huge world record typical and non-typical Whitetail bucks, Wilderness Whitetail’s hunters have registered dozens of monster bucks in the SCI world record book.  Massive bucks, scoring 300, 350, 400...even 492 inches are taken every year.  In 2013 a truly amazing symmetrical 8-point netting 189” was taken on the property. Another hunter harvested the potential new #1 SCI typical...a gorgeous 252-5-8” giant in 2013.

Wilderness Whitetails superior Northern genetics ensures fantastic trophy quality year after year, solidifying Wilderness Whitetails’ ranking as the highest rated Whitetail hunting outfitter in the country. Wilderness Whitetails is most the highly recommended whitetail hunting operation in the US given our 98% performance record...meaning 98% of our hunters rebook for the following year because they got what they came for....or at least they saw what they were looking for.

"Nobody offers bigger, more impressive whitetails. Nor a better hunting experience. Wilderness Whitetails has the biggest bucks you will ever see."


420lb Whitetail Buck

Greg and Shorty Flees have built a deer hunting dynasty in the Northern hardwoods and rolling swamp country of Central Wisconsin over the past 15 years. What began as the Flees family whitetail genetics business in 1977 when their mother, Carol found an orphaned fawn, transitioned to a trophy hunting business in 1999 when Greg and Shorty, working purely on their own Wisconsin genetics program, began seeing the results of their meticulous and time consuming selective breeding program. Shorty and Greg's first 200-inch buck developed on the rand in 1989 when bucks of that size were unheard of. the Flees genetics pool today is so strong and so deep that the occurrence of 200-inch bucks on their property is as common today as 160-inch bucks were years ago.

The Flees brothers first began offering hunts on their heavily wooded property in 1999. Since, the quality of Wilderness Whitetails bucks has gotten better and better with each passing year.

Wilderness Whitetails hunters have taken six different bucks that broke the non-typical record mark for all regions of the country in years 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2011, including a 444” buck in 2010 and monstrous 492” in 2011.

The big bucks of Wilderness Whitetails continue to amaze! A huge 472” non-typical buck was taken at Wilderness Whitetails in August 2013. Two lucky hunters scored magnificent typical bucks in 2013 as well. The potential new SCI #1 Typical…an impressive, symmetrical buck scoring 252-5/8” was taken early in the 2013. Another Wilderness hunter took home a “hunter’s dream buck”…an 8-point typical scoring 195” gross -- netting 189”...the holy grail of Whitetails!

Going forward we anticipate that we will likely take a few bucks over 500” as well as a number of typicals scoring 260” or better.

Ever since Shorty and Greg began hunting their property in 1999, Wilderness Whitetails has been known throughout the US as providing the biggest and best looking bucks in the country in the 200” to 400” range and our hunters leave here extremely happy with having had the opportunity to hunt huge deer in a true wilderness setting.


2014 Season DVD Trailer


 brock lesnar

Brock Lesnar
Mixed Martial Arts Champion

“THE best whitetail hunting anywhere in the world. You have to experience it to believe it.”


 chris tyler

Chris Tyler - Brock Ray's World of Outdoors TV Series

“As a pro-staff hunter for a national television show for the last 10 years, I have been lucky enough to hunt..."


 aaron fultz

Aaron Fultz
Philadelphia Phillies Pitcher

“Another unbelievable hunt and incredible time! Thanks Greg and Shorty for continuing to put me on the biggest deer..."


The High Road at Wilderness Whitetails

Ben Carter, Executive Director of the Dallas Safari Club, is on location with Keith Warren’s “The High Road” TV crew, hunting huge Northern Whitetails at Wilderness Whitetails, DSC Exhibitor), in Central Wisconsin with legendary Brock Lesnar, world champion MMA fighter, on the Pursuit Channel Monday, July 14,  2 p.m., Wednesday July 16, 11 p.m. and Sunday, July 20, 7:30 p.m.  (all times CDT).

Both Carter and Lesnar took huge 300-pound-plus main frame typical 8 point bucks scoring in the 200 inch category.  Wilderness Whitetails is renown for having the best Whitetail genetics in the country plus the finest deer habitat imaginable from nearly impenetrable cedar swamps to broad stands of hardwoods.  As co-owner Greg Flees points out, “Hunting big Whitetails in our dense Northern habitat is like hunting in no other place in the US.”

“This is the biggest Whitetail I have taken in my life,” said Carter.   “I have never seen so many huge Whitetails!”  Both Carter and Lesnar had high praise for the quality and quantity of Wilderness Whitetails deer, plus for the pristine deer hunting habitat and Wilderness Whitetails hospitality.