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Visit Wilderness Whitetails at the Dallas Safari Club Show!

Visit Wilderness Whitetails at the Dallas Safari Club Show, January 5th-8th. Booth #1815 Come by the booth and talk to our owner, Shorty Flees, or one of our experienced guides, so we can show you what hunting at Wilderness Whitetails is all about. We'll be displaying one of our monster 250+" Typical Bucks.   We also will be providing free copies of our new 2016 Hunting DVD. This DVD is packed full of some of the most exciting hunts and the largest Whitetails you'll ever see. Come visit us and book one of our our exclusive Whitetail hunts. Booking early...
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Best Christmas Present Ever! - Giants in the Woods - Vol 20

Christmas is right around the corner! If you are looking for a unique gift that will be remembered for a lifetime, why not consider sending your favorite person to the best Whitetail Hunting Preserve in the world, Wilderness Whitetails . Who could forget the rush of seeing 300+" whitetails stalking through the woods? Guests will stay in first class accommodations with private rooms, fully stocked bars, all meals and snacks are provided, and each evening a chef will cook whatever you have in mind. Wifi and satellite TV are provided to watch a game or two between your morning and...
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Giants in the woods - Vol 19: Still Time To Hunt!

November December Whitetails Hunts Still Available. Welcome hunters and friends! Huge Bucks still being taken at Wilderness Whitetails. Check out these incredible bucks taken in the past week on our preserve. We still have room for you or your group to come up and make memories that will last a lifetime. Make 2016 the year of your best hunt ever. Just days ago, this fine animal was taken by one of our guests.   We call that one "The Picket Fence"! Make that call and you could be going home with your trophy of a lifetime. 715.572.5334 If hunting huge...
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Giants in the woods - Vol 18 Trail Cam Videos!

Welcome hunters and friends! The action is heating up at Wilderness Whitetails. We've replaced many of our trail cams with the latest video trail cams and are getting some incredible footage. We're also expanding our website's gallery to include a new video library of trail cam videos, hunts and more. There's always something new to see at www.wildernesswhitetails.com November Rut Hunt Dates Still Open! If you have not booked your hunt with us yet, there are still a few November hunt dates available. The whitetails you see in these videos below are currently lurking in our woods. Come out and...
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Giants in the woods - Vol 17 "Things are heating up!"

Dear Hunters and Friends! Things are really starting to heat up here at Wilderness Whitetails. We are going to do something a little bit different with this months issue of Giants in the Woods. For the first time, this year we have been capturing some great high resolution trail cam videos as well as some scouting videos that you have to see to believe. You can get a better idea of the quality animals that live on our preserve. Many of these cameras are placed near (or at) our various hunting blinds and stands, so this will give you a...
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Giants in the woods - Vol 16 "Getting Closer!"

As we get closer to the 2016 hunting season, the entire staff at Wilderness Whitetails are really starting to get fired up. We are seeing some of the most incredible whitetails ever on our preserve. We've also been busy building new stands, upgrading our existing stands and adding new food plots and shooting lanes. Wilderness Whitetails works hard to maintain the same high standards in managing our land and facilities as we do in managing our deer population. Our property is a combination of hard wood forests, thick brushy back country and beautiful grassy plains. We hunt from ground blinds,...
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Giants in the woods - Vol 15 "Giant Sightings"

Hello Hunters and Friends, The staff at Wilderness Whitetails has been very busy this year preparing for our guests in the fall. Managing our preserve is a year-long process, culminating in the best whitetail hunting in North America. New food plots have been added the preserve, improving on the a nutrient rich environment that whitetails thrive on. Large Whitetails need large food plots - time to bring out the back hoe.   Another view of one of our latest additions. The payoff for all our hard work is to watch these incredible animals thrive and grow. Over thirty years of...
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Giants in the woods - Vol 14 "Back To Basics"

Wilderness Whitetails has been helping hunters create memories that last a lifetime for over three generations. As we are getting ready for the 2016 hunting season, we thought we'd share some of the most memorable hunts of 2015. Each and every hunter that visits our preserve is treated to the same first class accommodations, knowledgeable guides and meals provided by our in house chef. But what really separates Wilderness whitetails from the rest, is our world class Whitetails. Literally, the largest Whitetails in North America. Check out some of these incredible hunts from 2015.   Contact us to book your...
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Our hunters tell it best! - Giants in the Woods Vol 13

It's time to start planning your 2016 hunting trip! The staff at Wilderness Whitetails has been very busy working on our food plots and amenities for the upcoming season.  This time of year is a fun time to be working on our preserve. We are starting to see antlers budding on our bucks with some already showing 3-4" of tine. Just imagine what these monsters will look like by August. (Only 4 months away!) Our doe population will start dropping their fawns in the coming weeks. This usually continues through early July. We expect to have some new pictures of the...
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Our hunters tell it best! - Giants in the Woods Vol 12

The normal hunting season may be over, but we are still hard at work here at Wilderness Whitetails. The main reason for our amazing Whitetail population is the incredible effort put in by the owners and staff off-season. Managing our herd is a continuous process and we have over 30 years of experience in Whitetail management. We're also working hard maintaining and upgrading our lodges and facilities. All this to bring you the most amazing 2016 Whitetail Hunting season ever.The hunting experience at Wilderness Whitetails is second to none. But don't just take our word for it. Here is another...
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Giants In The Woods Vol 8 - Late Season Hunts still available!

One of the best times to visit Wilderness Whitetails is in the late season,  December through January. Chilly mornings make for some of the most memorable hunts here on the ranch. Your adrenaline will start pumping as you hear the sounds of giant hooves crunching through the forest snow. Sitting from one of our new and comfortable blinds you'll have a front row view of all the action, as the sun rises and Giant Whitetails start appearing through the hardwoods. You may also see a bit of sparring as some deer experience a secondary rut in December and early January....
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Our hunters tell it best! - Giants in the Woods Vol 11

The staff at Wilderness Whitetails enjoys meeting our first time hunters each year. It's a special treat to see the excitement in the faces of our guests, when they glimpse our giant bucks for the first time. Most hunters have never seen bucks as large and magnificent as the ones they encounter on our properties. We also have a large number of hunters that come year after year. We look forward to these hunts as well. It's great to see our old friends return each year, sometimes with new family members or friends in tow. Whether you're booking for the...
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Giants In The Woods Vol 9 - It's Showtime!

Lots to do and see at Wilderness Whitetails this January! If you didn't shoot your buck of a lifetime this year, there is still time to come visit us at Wilderness Whitetails. We still have a few slots open for late season January and  some of the most amazing giant whitetails you'll ever see. Hunting at Wilderness Whitetails is an experience like no other. Wilderness whitetails is the home of the largest whitetails on the planet, with some growing to over 230" typical and 400" non-typical! Visit our website to learn about some of our "Legendary Bucks". We hunt through...
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Giants In The Woods Vol 6 November & December Rut Hunts Still Available!

November Rut Hunts still Available! Don't Miss Out.  We also have some December dates available too, so it's not too late to book your hunt of a lifetime. Come hunt the largest whitetail deer in North America. Stay at our beautiful lodge and create the memory that will last a lifetime with Wilderness Whitetails. Here are some pictures taken over the last couple weeks of some of our successful hunts. Call Wilderness Whitetails at 715.572.5334 or email us at  info@wildernesswhitetails.com We look forward to hunting with you! Book Now! Book Now! Book Now! Book Now! Book Now! Book Now! Book...
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Giants In The Woods Vol 5 (THE RUT ISSUE)

Fellow hunters. The hunting season is in full swing and we are seeing some amazing whitetails being harvested. Through the rest of the season, we will be posting successful hunt picture to our Giants in the Woods Newsletter. As we move into the rut, the hunting at Wilderness Whitetails only improves! Some of the true giant bucks roaming the ranch have remained partly nocturnal. As the rut begins in early November, we will see these monsters starting to chase, fight, and make mistakes that allows hunters to harvest their buck of a lifetime. During your rut hunt you also have...
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Giants In the Woods Vol 4

It's mid September and we are getting some pretty incredible images off the trail cams. Over the next few weeks we should start seeing antlers starting to lose their velvet. This actually happens pretty quickly. In some cases deer can lose their velvet in as little as 48 hours. Hopefully we'll get some of these images on the trail cams by the next episode of "Giants in the woods!" Check out this weeks batch of trail cam pics and stay tuned to see how these bucks look after losing their velvet! Also if you haven't booked your hunt for the...
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Giants In the Woods Vol 3

The bucks at Wilderness Whitetails are growing fast this time of year. Here are a couple of interesting facts about Whitetail antlers that you may not know. Whitetail deer antlers begin to grow in the early spring (usually  March or April). By late summer a whitetail's antlers are fully-grown. Whitetail deer antlers are one of the fastest growing tissues known to man. The growth of a deer's antlers usually starts to grow out of the deer's head toward the back of the deer and then changes direction and grows toward the front of the deer's head. Deer antlers have been...
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Giants In the Woods Vol 2

Fellow hunters & friends, We are super busy up here at the ranch preparing for the 2015 hunting season. We have some all new trail cam pictures to share with you, plus we have some exiting news! We have opened a brand new hunting preserve this year. This completely un-hunted property encompasses 480 acres of heavily wooded and pristine northern Wisconsin forest. We are busy building hunting blinds, bow stands and cutting shooting lanes. The 2015 season is getting ready to be our best hunting season yet. We hope you enjoy this month's issue of "Giants in the Woods!" Please...
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Giants In the Woods Vol 1

Wilderness Whitetails is one of the leading whitetail deer hunting outfitters in the United States.   Don't wait too long, we generally sell out our seasons quickly.   Click here for our 2015-2016 season availability and hunting rates.   http://www.wildernesswhitetails.com/prices We have also updated our Facebook page, stay in touch and don't forget to register for our  newsletter . 
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