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Giants in the woods - Vol 18 Trail Cam Videos!

Welcome hunters and friends!

The action is heating up at Wilderness Whitetails. We've replaced many of our trail cams with the latest video trail cams and are getting some incredible footage. We're also expanding our website's gallery to include a new video library of trail cam videos, hunts and more. There's always something new to see at

November Rut Hunt Dates Still Open!

If you have not booked your hunt with us yet, there are still a few November hunt dates available. The whitetails you see in these videos below are currently lurking in our woods. Come out and hunt the November Rut and try your luck on one of these magnificent animals. Hunting during the rut at Wilderness Whitetails is an experience you have to see to believe. Seeing 250" & 300+" whitetails sparing for does is worth the trip all by itself. You'll hear antlers crashing in the woods and get a chance at witnessing some legendary sparing.

What are the best dates to hit the November Rut?

Actual dates vary, but this was taken from an article written by Dan Cole at

"...the week of November 14-20 should be the 2016 peak breeding dates in the northern whitetail range. These dates fit perfectly with the northern deer herd where breeding and conception dates are imperative to spring survival of the fawns being born. Any earlier and there is an increased risk of the fawn being born in adverse weather, and any later could see an under developed fawn entering the following winter. Breeding and conception dates are very important for northern Whitetails, and these dates fall within the traditional perfect window of opportunity."

So what are you waiting for?
To book your 2016 Rut Hunt, Call Shorty or Greg at 715.572.5334  or email or


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Video #5

Looking forward to hunting with you this season!