By FDI Creative Services on Friday, 11 November 2016
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Giants in the woods - Vol 19: Still Time To Hunt!

November December Whitetails Hunts Still Available.

Welcome hunters and friends!

Huge Bucks still being taken at Wilderness Whitetails. Check out these incredible bucks taken in the past week on our preserve. We still have room for you or your group to come up and make memories that will last a lifetime. Make 2016 the year of your best hunt ever.

Just days ago, this fine animal was taken by one of our guests.

We call that one "The Picket Fence"!

Make that call and you could be going home with your trophy of a lifetime. 715.572.5334
If hunting huge Typical bucks is your thing, just check out some of these bruisers still stalking our property. Our Typicals are anything but typical.

We've been doing a lot of scouting and filming this year. Check out these videos from last week.

The Buck Fever Moment!

BIG - Just Big!

Huge Typical

Gorgeous Buck!

That's my scrape!

Massive Buck In Pines!

If you are ready to get serious, and hunt the largest Whitetail in North America, call Greg or Shorty Flees at 715.572.5334 and book your hunt. or email or