The Wilderness Whitetails Experience

Wilderness Whitetails Experience

Experience Is Everything!

    Wilderness Whitetails has rightly earned its reputation as “America’s Premier Whitetail Outfitter.” Recognized as the most consistent producer of huge world record typical and non-typical Whitetail bucks, Wilderness Whitetail’s hunters have registered dozens of monster bucks in the SCI world record book. Massive bucks, scoring 300, 350, 400...even 492 inches are taken every year. In 2013 a truly amazing symmetrical 8-point netting 189” was taken on the property. Another hunter harvested the potential new #1 SCI typical...a gorgeous 252-5-8” giant in 2013.

    Wilderness Whitetails superior Northern genetics ensures fantastic trophy quality year after year solidifying, Wilderness Whitetails’ ranking as the highest rated Whitetail hunting outfitter in the country. Wilderness Whitetails is most the highly recommended Whitetail hunting operation in the US given our 98% performance record...meaning 98% of our hunters rebook for the following year because they got what they came for....or at least they saw what they were looking for.


    It’s what hunting is all about. At Wilderness Whitetails, we have spent the last 30 years creating what we believe to be the most uniques and unrivaled hunting experience in the world. Our property is uniquely managed to allow hunters the experience of a lifetime matching wits with elusive record class deer. From the impenetrable cedar swamps, tall timber of the piney woods, rolling hardwoods, and thick grasses all across the property, the hunter quickly finds themselves in hunting situations that put an all new meaning to the term “BUCK FEVER”

Hunting Methods

    Wilderness Whitetails is set up for all methods of take…rifle, muzzleloader, archery, handgun. Comfortable spacious blinds, strategically located in key travel routes and feeding areas await you. For archery and handgun hunters Wilderness Whitetails offers more than 30 tree stands plus numerous ground blinds that will allow you to get up close and personal with your future trophy buck. As any bowhunter knows, there is nothing to compare to experience a monster 200” or 300” trophy Whitetail walk by you at eye level!

Greg and Shorty Flees, as well as all of the Wilderness Whitetails guides are passionate bowhunters so we know where to set stands to present archery and handgun hunters the best opportunity to harvest the trophy of their dreams.Wilderness Whitetails knowledge of movement patterns, timing allows its hunters to be extremely successful in their quest to harvest a huge Whitetail buck with a gun, bow, handgun or muzzle loader. Over they years more than 90% of our archery hunters have enjoyed success. One of our archery hunters too a giant 311-5/8” buck a while back that held the SCI #1 World Record Book ranking for several years.

If for whatever reason, weather, slow movement…and archery hunting becomes difficult… the hunter can elect to use one of the ranch rifles to collect his trophy.

Rifle & Muzzleloader Hunting

Tower Stand


Bow Hunter

Ground Blind

Ground Blind Hunting