By FDI Creative Services on Tuesday, 16 February 2016
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Giants In The Woods Vol 8 - Late Season Hunts still available!

One of the best times to visit Wilderness Whitetails is in the late season,  December through January.

Chilly mornings make for some of the most memorable hunts here on the ranch. Your adrenaline will start pumping as you hear the sounds of giant hooves crunching through the forest snow. Sitting from one of our new and comfortable blinds you'll have a front row view of all the action, as the sun rises and Giant Whitetails start appearing through the hardwoods. You may also see a bit of sparring as some deer experience a secondary rut in December and early January.

After your morning or afternoon hunt you'll relax in our well stocked lodge, enjoy a hot cup of coffee or belly up to the bar. There is definitely something special about this place in the winter time.

A trip to Wilderness Whitetails also makes the Ultimate Christmas present and we hunt through January 31st, so if your season ends early, great hunts will still be available here.

Here are some pictures taken during our late season hunts.

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