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Our commitment to our hunters at Wilderness Whitetails is to provide an unrivaled trophy whitetail hunting experience from the moment each hunter enters camp. Wilderness Whitetails boasts the Biggest, most beautiful deer on the planet. From the lodge to the field, and everything in between, we are dedicated to ensuring our hunters take part in what can only be described as “The Wilderness Whitetails Experience”. Before heading north to hunt with us, we do recommend the following checklist to ensure you’re properly prepared to handle the most exciting Giant Whitetail hunting offered anywhere.

We are in central Wisconsin, and no matter what time of the year you hunt with us, expect that cold weather may roll through and be prepared to hunt in it!


Bow Hunters

Clothing (LAYERS!)

  • Scent-Free base layer
  • Scent-Free fleece layer
  • Scent-Free Outerwear Camo with facemask, head stocking and hat.
  • Scent-Free Bow Hunting Gloves and hand warmers
  • We highly recommend gear designed for bow hunting. Gear that is not only scent free, but silent as you move to get in position for a shot. This is critical!
  • Insulated Rubber Boots with wool socks and liners


  • Compound bows with a draw weight of at least 50 lbs is recommended.
  • Practice arrows and field tips for practice sessions between hunts
  • Broadheads – we love Rage products, but know placement is more important than anything!
  • Leave the rattling horns, grunt calls, estrus, etc. at home. Our guides spend all year in these woods and will have whatever is needed to make your hunt a success. Our deer are so much larger than anywhere else, you really need antlers from our property to be successful if attempting to rattle.

Firearm Hunters

  • Clothing – same strategy as our bow hunters, with the exception that scent-free isn’t required but be prepared for cold weather and layer up!
  • Equipment – our deer average well over 300 lbs with an occasional buck tipping the scales at over 400 lbs! We recommend a .270 or better but also realize shot placement is key. We have women and youth hunters regularly take deer with .243’s, but prefer to have some wiggle room with a larger caliber when possible. Extra ammunition – don’t come with just a few shells…bring a box, as you never know what can happen on a hunt!

In Between Hunts

In between hunts you will have all of the comforts of home in one our lodges, complete with Wi-Fi, Satellite TV, meals, snack, drinks, open bar…everything you need! We recommend bringing:

  • Comfortable clothes for lounging around the lodge in between hunts and in the evening
  • A big appetite and pants that will allow for a few extra pounds to be put on!
  • Jeans, Sweatshirt and a Jacket for the option of heading out to one of the famous restaurants/bars to experience the local Wisconsin culture!

Our guides will take professional pictures for you but you are always welcome to bring your own camera and phone to capture your memories in and out of the field!

Finally, if all else fails, we are 30 minutes away from a Gander Mountain that can get you back to be fully geared up should you need anything.

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About Wilderness Whitetails:

The Flees brothers first began offering hunts on their heavily wooded property in 1999. Since, the quality of Wilderness Whitetails bucks has gotten better and better with each passing year.

Wilderness Whitetails hunters have taken six different bucks that broke the non-typical record mark for all regions of the country in years 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2011, including a 444” buck in 2010 and monstrous 492” in 2011

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